My Sketches

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Humour in tragedy

Frozen darkness
in my mind
refuses to melt
if so be kind..

Put out thy light
so shall you do
under sorrow`s command
to be rebellious is a fool..

Altering my life strategy
I find humour in tragedy
swallows the bitterness
does my crocked smile
mock disappointments
who never grows tired..

Repeated stabs
fate`s rusted blade jabs
life is unfair
and sorrow is just
he takes the prize
who lays his hands first..

O civility divine
where transparency is a crime
even the seas run black
with thy sins entwined..

O Lord
pride lets not beg for forgiveness
your creation has flaws endless
welcomes you to the voyeur`s regime
where the world is suffering
with delusional freedom
but our inner-self is totalitarian..

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Electric nightmare

Till you pay the price
you let the guilt rise
says the book of hypocrisy..

Crawl in your sleepless nights
where your fears fight
to take control your sanity..

Through the doors of sin
you let your wrongs win
you bow to your selfish needs..

Time is running cold
scrolls of death unfold
you stare at your impending doom..

You try to run
your feet end up burnt
symphony of your limbs discord..

Cannot wake from this dreaded play
walls of hope crumble like clay
flashing memories turn you blind
those crawl up whom you left behind
fright plays the untuned accordion
faith becomes your dying guardian..

Locked up in this cage
stronger it grows with our fir of rage
its about time you hold your nerves..

Under your blackened Sun
your pet monster has fun
feeds on your empty desires
burns your dream like a forest-fire..

Sunday, January 26, 2014

lucid infatuation

O exotic one
let thy smile so shine
bring forth the light of the sun
I drink the wine of your charm
intoxicate , those rose petal lips of yours..

In those deep eyes
like pearls of the forbidden oceans
I dive to find my sanity
lucid infatuation drives my dreams
washed ashore by the waves of reality..

Childish whims
yours to have
sublime my toxicity
swing in my cradle of desires
your form melts my rugged skin..

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Crimes against mortality

Mute your conscience and indulge
wipe clean the sanctity of nobility
sink in the ocean of debauchery
let afloat the carcass of principles..

In the depth of this darkened ocean
the scum survive in this museum of doom
who swim to the endless bottom
desolate ruins that decorate the bed
of broken ties and botched scrutiny..

In this darkness
where guilt is weightless
unable to feel
the guilty pleasure`s numbness
find divinity in the illusion of peace..

Lost in the wilderness of life
kneel to your weaker side
find the cursed sunken treasure
rhyme a loop in its momentary pleasure..

Turn life to dust
swing on a cradle of lust
sink in the web of false trust
shatter your will`s crust
put your selfish needs first
forget to count your breath
it steals with every drop of depth..

You abuse
the reason for your fall
you cannot deduce
to a pitiful demise you shall reduce
scar those you hold dear
it will be too late when the skies clear
loss is not to fear
but loneliness becomes a solitary confinement
you are convicted
for crimes against mortality..

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Crematorium blues

Silence speaks
in this field for those missed
she wears the ornaments of withered remains
ashes and tombstones become monuments of the end..

Feast for the scavengers
serves our rotting flesh
seeking refuge in bribery to God
the omnipresent you try to fraud
lusting a place in utopian afterlife
weighing the burden of guilt suffice
pulling the last thread of unreal hope
forgetting that after death you cannot mope.. 

Born with naked flaws
dragged to Hell with sin`s claws
not blessed with lives nine
relentless we wither with time..

Ending the ordeal of strife
darkened the light of life
winds of mortality puts out the fire
solemn bed in a burial or pyre
fall into the infinite deep
you cannot wake from this senseless sleep..

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Little Mistress

I`m a part of you
under infatuations I hide
deep down in your soul
you hear the echoes of my cries...

I`m an enigma addictive
I spark the fuel to the fire
you kneel to me
I live your every desire
you have no escape
unlock the doors of shame
try wash the dirt off your mind
but i will peep through your soul
I am the shameless voyeur
I drug your source of distress
You are my torrid lover
and I’m your little mistress..

Cannot run , you cannot hide
I come to you in human disguise
what you see controls your lies
helps you to break all ties
grasp you in unbound haste
like a forbidden fruit you taste
you are my taboo master
and I’m your little mistress...

Friday, November 15, 2013

Toxic medication

Riding the rotten corpse of deceit
splitting deception
lies and treachery open the gates
of stairway to heaven..

shrouds your mind in a fit
eating out the good in you
a toxic medication!!

under its weight of disgrace
blinding the horizon of death
its toxic medication!!

Chained to the curse
of dirty mortality
pumps through our veins
the crimson acid of humanity..

Celebrate the innocence of lechery
when greed goes stronger than gravity
drag your tombstone through depravity
infect your bloodline with your blackened testament
bury hatred in the casket of resentment..

Deny the devil`s existence
who thrives inside
who never sleeps starving
slave who answers to its cravings
silence lies in its seductive crudity
hurl your mind in its abyss of toxicity..

Friday, November 1, 2013

The passive illusion

Graciously sit with our instruments of disaster
need , starvation and greed grow faster
infinite want is our only master..

Our frozen patience melt
floods our world with discontent
the river of humanity runs shallow
as happiness sublimes quicker...

Blinding lights of the concrete jungle
hypnotize the naive human
freedom is an illusion
for you are trapped under life..

In this barbed cage of flesh
the animal thrives within
numb to the thorns of guilt
brews venom in his mind`s quilt...

The razors of mercy go blunt
when every mind pulls a cunning stunt
voices of this bitter truth all want to shunt..

Friday, September 27, 2013

Reset civilization

Humanity melts like ice
cold and deceptive
unable to bear the warmth of greed
our narcissism it will feed…

Find an ALTernate solution
ConTRoL the problem
DELete the source
our system has failed
our civility is a camouflage
when individuality is in a cold-war
looking at the Earth , Hell freezes over
erasing the line between humans and drones
struggling to win but walk like cattle
power lies in the hands of the predators
victimize this concrete wildlife
left-overs bribe the scavengers who follow..

Spark the genocide
let rise a new civilization
pull the apocalypse closer
blot the Sun with hatred
tear down this choking world
where walls have closed in
keeping up with changing tides
tied to the see-saw of life
it weighs you down with depravity..

Silent screams
echoes everywhere
Unfair lives
unanswered prayers
to question God no one dares..  

Friday, September 6, 2013

Betraying our martyrs

Selfish bipeds trample the soil
when my country is broken
by silent hostilities within
will the dew-drops of peace vaporize..

The bird of gold rests in peace
unable to bear the crumbling thrift
when assets are costlier than human life
as violence breeds in everyone`s mind
at the brink of a civil war with bureaucracy
I shall bury the flag in the soil divine...

Eluded invaders this bird of gold
retains the relics of loot and plunder
surrounded with envious enemies
relentless try to pull it under
she could fly to the higher skies
but her feathers start to wither..

Betraying our martyrs
no guilt nor shame
had sold the coffin of disgrace
lucid dreams they once had
like myths it floats on voices adrift..

We live in fear
threatened with pestilence of starvation
unable to hatch the golden egg
the bird sleeps in its empty nest..

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Buried in my ashes

On the thin line
between love and hate
lies the bed of trip-wires ,
sparks the ash of the sleeping rage
overwrought explosives rig your heart
one false step and you're torn apart..

Solemn sleep ,
You watch me bleed ,
Starving Nightmares u cannot feed ,
Marbled eyes ,
Muted cries ,
Longing for your touch divine..

I close my eyes
and see your bare
in morbid dreams I often dare ,
buried in my ashes
of memoirs we built
sinking slowly I struggle to breathe..

Hideous on the inside
hides the blanket of your skin
a creature to loathe ,
If I could turn you inside-out
and reveal the pathetic ,
tear down the drapes of lies
let the light hit the mirrors of your mind..

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Dystopian hymn

We cant see anything
only lust and greed
inside we eat away
those fading morals decay..

Have we lost out souls ?
killed the conscience that once spoke ?
do we see at all ?
that impending doom will fall..

Walk through life
like being benign
slithering means
who mock your dreams
sordid remains
of patience wearing thin..

Kill your competitors
spill lies across the land
dying at the hands of fraud
in this quicksand the truth never stands..

Wither like leaves
beneath the pain
of undying needs in vain
hymns infuriated..

Welcome to the herd
the biped cattle march
one false step
you crush to death
follow voices blindfolded..

Malice that flows within
washes the regret alive
nothing seems wrong to me
no reason to cry
fail to redeem myself
cannot reverse time
looking over my faults in play

I plead to die..

Sunday, June 30, 2013

The friday song

The dusk of Friday
calls out the party animals
Spirits run high
at the gateway to the weekend..

Getting off work
On the way to the bar
No distance can look far
pints or pitcher none care
roll a joint if you dare...

Raise a cheer with bros n hoes
Life sucks that everyone knows
like a river let the booze flow
let your liver be the only foe..

Wash away those stains
social pressure that always remains
to be paid is to get laid,
liquidate the assets of frustration..

World Funeral

Life is like a noose
wraps your neck
tightening grip with flowing time
you hang from the social tree..

Branches spread endless  
like fruits it bears the hung
restrict limbs with chains of ideals
stand on the balance of life and death..

Fear is the fuel
that pumps the human machine
turns the gears of life
when runs the futile race with time.
In this social forest
cannibals slither
subtlety  is their human skin
in deceit lies their power
run starve with the smell of fear
devour the fruits alive
the quick and smooth wins
pacifies the sadistic inside..

Decaying the aging tree
That serves the funeral pyre
The cannibals rejoice
 Dance of doom encircles the fire..

Monday, June 10, 2013

Cannibalistic civility

Human sacrifice
from dusk to dawn,
appease the God
of success divine ,
stab each other
to possess a crown,
hide brutality
under armour of smiles.
seize the ladder
that ethic denies..

Rigged with power
this concrete jungle ,
hammering nails
on a coffin prevails ,
dying before death
forging regret ,
howling conscience
muted with greed ,
snatch and eat
until you breathe..

There is no other way to die
greed and power often mutify
over the edge we are falling ,
blatant crimes we often justify
losing a race with time ,
Eyes that we don’t see ,
voices we don’t heed ,
cruelty is the new creed ,
planting the hedonist seed ,
we wait for the rains to defy ,
growing in the showers of pain ,
learning to manipulate and win ,
roots dig deeper into our souls
draws power and leaves it dry..

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Rhyme of the chronic backstabber

Toys of fate
those sharpened blades ,
on your back
sticks a knife,
bruises through
your spine of pride..

Devious witchcraft
behind seducing smiles,
darker it grows with higher stakes
laws of trust it often breaks,
theatrical fondness solicits faith
cowardice commands a blind spot hit..

None to face ,
none to blame ,
the backstabber eludes,
omnipresent in flesh and form
sits quiet at the eye of the storm…

never tires,
never quits ,
playful sadism ,
repeated stabs,
gaping wounds,
unhealing pain..

On your backs
stands a ladder of knives,
climbs through the traitor
with sweet lies makes dirty hive..

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Synthetic skin II : narcissistic lying machine

Face what is real ,
behind our make-believe ideals
the crocked reality lies ,
of envy and malice ridden society
driven by fear of loss and abandonment ,
where the manipulative survives ,
numbers that validate us ,
taboos and open secrets run naked
when our eyes turn blind...

Heaven is a mere illusion,
like a mirage it fancies our barren souls,
you drag yourself for a sip of water
but end up tasting dust at the harbour,
there stands none to testify heaven ,
there are many who have been through living hell ,
where sudden death is a sigh of relief...

Puppets of faith
the boundaries we define ,
brazen mirrors in our mind
shows what we want to see
our faults hide behind ego`s flare ,
the mind manufactures lies
running through life`s obstacles
tied to obligation`s saddle
you either race or lose ,
die starving for survival 
we the narcissistic lying machine...

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Writer`s block

In a silent room I sit
toiling my blackened mind ,
thoughts I seek I cannot find
things I feel I cannot define..

Hollow fantasies not worth to pen
no blotting ink I feel no Zen ,
catching up with this running life
that love to write I left behind..

I hear a caress whisper
but words don't flow ,
all i see is a forbidding wall
who shadows my light of artistry..

Nothing new
nothing fine
In my head I run wild
stagnant ideas don't excite
lingers fear of losing touch..

Collecting thoughts
that spread like dust
bits and pieces that fell apart
unbaked ideas that leave crumbs..


Synthetic skin

Close your eyes
and dig lies deep ,
find the conscience
that you often hide ,
beautiful its burial at sea
under the tides of lies and treachery..

Kneel before God
for selfish desires ,
negotiate forgiveness
with bribes of rites..

Soaring pride
and arching smiles ,
greasy lies
on its blanket you slide ,
robotic survival
for a morsel to feed
algorithmic obligations
rule our phases of life..

Running away
from the ugly truth ,
move farther away
but its shadow looms ,
on the backs of fallen angels
rests a scar of torn wings ,
washing away
the blot of our guilt ,
nothing sticks
on this synthetic skin..

This system of greed
turns man into machine
self-reduced to a resource
where silence bleeds ,
gears of starvation
moves this mechanical being..

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Circus of war

Eyes at the horizon
gaze the dawn of war
sunlight of violence ,
soars the dampened skies
of fear thy holocaust..

Churning machines
exhales the toxic paranoia ,
flaunt your firearm
rise merchant of destruction..

War has no victor
but victims of aftermath
of winter that befalls ,
when frozen corpses preserved
become trophies of genocide..

Weapons loaded on trapeze
swing in the forsaken skies ,
spectators watch helpless
plight of the darkening canvas..

Lions bow
to the whipping ringmaster
civilization falls
succumbs to the power of violence..

Infinite chain of stimulus to war
tip of the nukes noses that dig deep
plunges into the soil`s bosom
wipes clean the event horizon..

Peace jumps through hoops
when humanity balances of a tightrope ,
paranoia entertains with gags
such the vultures of power laugh..

Fingers crossed diplomacy
and subtle prayers that flow ,
to turn those eyes away
from the nomadic prophet of war
who solicits that hypnotic stare..

Fear that rise
like the shivers of winter
of frozen land and the sea ,
can ruins who will decorate
justify the left-overs ?
can pacify the hunger of war ?